About Us

Fullbright Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company was founded in 2014 and originally focused on lighting exports. Since then, it has expanded to a broader import and export business with a focus on products sourced from Northwest China such as foods and minerals, while maintaining the electronics aspect.

Darren Zhang

Darren is the President and Founder of Fullbright Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Company. His import and export experience spans 15 years, including the following areas: product sourcing, quality assurance and inspection, payments, customs clearance, and shipping and tracking. As an experienced English teacher he is equally comfortable with local and international clients. Native to Northwest China, he has developed an extensive network of suppliers around the country, and looks forward to providing you with the best quality products.

Established in 2010 by foreign experts, CBG AgriBio is a full-service technology and consulting company with a focus on agriculture in northwest China and beyond. We connect China and the global marketplace, empowering our customers and employees to achieve personal and economic growth. Our products and services include greenhouse sales and servicing to farms large and small, consulting and training in a variety of agribusiness-related specialties, growing fruits and vegetables using organic practices and selling direct-to-consumer, as well as agricultural inputs, equipment and technology with a focus on accessibility to small-scale farmers.

Daniel Willers

Daniel comes from a rural background in the Southeastern and Western parts of the USA. He holds two bachelor’s degrees, one in Landscape Contracting and Management with a minor in Business Administration, and the other in Landscape Architecture. His master’s degree is in Bioregional Planning. During his time employed by government and private firms before moving to China, he worked on and managed a wide variety of projects valued at US$25,000 to over US$1 million dollars. Daniel is experienced in developing relationships and consensus with a variety of stakeholders, conducting meetings, complying with regulations, project scheduling, budgeting, permitting, and estimating. He is a LEED AP and has a heart for creation care done in such a way as to benefit both the environment and human communities.

Morgan Jones

Morgan has extensive experience and relationships within the agricultural community in Central Valley California and around Western USA. Since 2012 he has been working in a Chinese agricultural context. His experience and formal study in the business of agricultural production adds value relating to agricultural market research, product development and selection, greenhouse operations, and an extensive network for consultation and business development.

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