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Established in 2010 by foreign experts, CBG AgriBio is a full-service technology and consulting company with a focus on agriculture in northwest China and beyond. We connect China and the global marketplace, empowering our customers and employees to achieve personal and economic growth. Our products and services include greenhouse sales and servicing to farms large and small, consulting and training in a variety of agribusiness-related specialties, growing fruits and vegetables using organic practices and selling direct-to-consumer, as well as agricultural inputs, equipment and technology with a focus on accessibility to small-scale farmers.

As a Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise (WFOE) operated by Westerners living and working in China, our company provides a level of trust to the local food safety-conscious Chinese consumer that our competitors cannot match. Our home on the high altitude, world-renown Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau offers many unique and specialty products that the Western consumer desires. Our position as a bridge between East and West is certainly strategic. CBG AgriBio’s offerings are unique because the technology and expertise package we offer isn’t easily replicated or available on the market.

Here are the main components that differentiate CBG AgriBio:

  1. CBG AgriBio is a total solution provider for controlled environment cultivation and orchard development. Not only can we provide the technology farmers need, we can also provide new varieties, training in all components of agriculture, farm management, and sales channels for foodstuffs.
  2. We create wholistic benefit throughout the entire product chain, and our customers feel good knowing their purchase improves the lives of local farmers.
  3. Imported agricultural technology is a significant selling point as it is very respected in China. Potential customers almost immediately recognize the value.
  4. We offer an optimized blend of foreign expertise and local know how.
  5. Relationships with government leaders have provided CBG AgriBio with insight into the desires and intentions of a command economy. This, coupled with market research, positions CBG AgriBio strategically with sustainable competitive advantage.
  6. A management core of expats living long-term in China’s less developed regions provides us with an ability to add transparency to the food chain, thereby offering food safety-conscious consumers an additional level of confidence when buying our products.

We welcome customers from all over the world to work with us on a long-term basis. It′s always been our principle to satisfy with guaranteed quality, competitive prices and fast delivery.

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