CBG Vision

China Bridge Gap (CBG) AgriBio is a company that connects China and the global marketplace, empowering our customers and employees to achieve personal and economic growth. Over the last several years, CBG AgriBio has persisted in a variety of difficult markets, and is poised to enter a new phase of growth.

青海虹桥瑞美生物科技有限公司(CBG) 是一家连接中国和全球市场,赋予我们的客户和员工能力以实现他们个人和经济成长的公司。在过去的几年里,CBG一直在各种艰困的市场里顽强地坚持着,并且蓄势待发进入一个新的增长阶段。

Vision – where we are going

We create wholistic community benefit for agricultural areas in Northwest China and beyond

Mission – how we get there

We use agriculture to bridge gaps between:

  • East and West
  • 东方部和西方部
  • Business and Vocation
  • 商业和职业
  • Rural and Urban
  • 农村和城市
  • Poverty and Wealth
  • 贫穷和富足

Values- what drives us

  • Integrity- Our words and deeds flow out of upright moral character
  • 诚实正直——我们的言行是出于端正的品德。
  • Honor- All people are valuable and worthy of respect
  • 尊荣——所有人都是有价值的,是值得被尊重的。
  • Sustainability- Our long-term impact will be net positive
  • 可持续性——我们的长期影响力将是正向积极的。
  • Development- Healthy growth makes life better
  • 发展——健康的成长使生活更美好。
  • Synergy- We are stronger together
  • 协同增效——聚在一起使我们更加强大。
  • Commitment- Perseverance is necessary to achieve significant results
  • 委身承诺——坚持不懈是取得重大成果的必要条件。

We use a Quintuple Bottom Line approach to evaluate the success of our enterprise within the following core areas:

  • Passion- Produce safe, healthy food in mountain regions
  • 热情——在山区生产安全、健康的食品
  • Purpose- Train people to bless others through modern agriculture
  • 目标——培训人们通过现代农业来祝福他人
  • People- Carry a family culture that embraces all stakeholders
  • 人本——拥有一种包容所有利益相关者的家庭文化
  • Planet- Improve the land and environment
  • 地球——改善土地和环境
  • Prosperity- Trade fairly and live generously
  • 繁荣——公平交易和慷慨生活

Our annual objectives are organized according to these five P’s and by using quarterly key results for each objective, we can easily evaluate the health of our bottom line on an ongoing and regular basis. In addition, we perform annual corporate evaluations based on a third-party rating system such as the B Impact Assessment, a free yet powerful tool to measure social and environmental impact that is developed by B Lab, a non-profit dedicated to helping companies use the power of business as a force for good.

我们的年度目标是根据这五个底线来制定的,通过对每个底线目标使用季度性的关键结果加以衡量,我们可以很容易地持续和定期地评估我们底线的状况。此外,我们根据第三方评级系统进行年度公司评估,如B Impact Assessment,这是一个由B Lab开发的免费但强大的社会和环境影响测量工具,一个致力于帮助公司将商业力量作为一种推动力,使世界更美好的非盈利组织。

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