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Trade fairly and live generously

Company growth is directed into the establishment of farms and orchards in surrounding areas that will benefit local communities by providing higher value crops for local farmers and cooperatives to sell through fair trade channels.

One of the challenges in agriculture worldwide is the migration of talented farmers to the cities in search of a viable economic future. we believe that our products and services will show a way forward into a sustainable agricultural lifestyle for those who wish to remain in their local villages, thereby improving and strengthening local families, economies and communities.

Our main farm is located near the provincial capital and those produce sales are the company’s primary source of revenue. However, the farm also doubles as a training ground for local partners who want to use our synergized methods to manage agricultural projects in the surrounding areas.

We provide training for satellite farm managers to establish and model higher value crops in villages throughout the region. We also work together with them to find and establish fair trade sales channels for their produce. Finally, our community benefit program works together with locals to invest a portion of our proceeds into areas the villagers themselves choose that will benefit their communities such as environmental improvement, etc.

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