We are stronger together

We use a synergistic blend of local and imported technologies to create a more effective operation in our high altitude, cold and dry climate region.

One of our core values here at CBG AgriBio is Synergy:

the interaction or cooperation of two or more organizations, substances, or other agents to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.

We have a long history of expertise using modern agricultural technology from the Western world to produce food. Local farmers have a long history of expertise growing crops in their unique ecosystem and climate.

Our company specializes in bridging gaps such as these, bringing them together to create fresh and new solutions.



Agriculture around the world has long used compost in their soil fertility strategies. Traditionally it’s often just thrown together using what’s on hand, and who knows how effective the product will be? But science has taken the production of compost to a new level. We use compost that has been created by New Giving Agriculture using specialized ratios and processes which maximizes the production of healthy microbes while killing any harmful pathogens or weed seeds.

No Till Growing

Conventional wisdom says that the soil needs to be tilled before planting. However, traditional tilling methods can damage soil structure and reduce beneficial microorganisms in the soil, as well as lead to rapid decomposition of organic matter. More and more people are demonstrating that it’s possible to grow crops without tilling the soil, and are using a variety of materials to create a covering for the soil to prevent weeds and preserve moisture and temperature while improving soil structure and fertility.

Passive Geothermal Climate Battery

One of the challenges of year round greenhouse operation in cold, high altitude locations like our is maintaining minimum nighttime temperatures 10 degrees C or above. Heating can be expensive or unsafe in a greenhouse. We are proud to offer passive geothermal technology as a solution to cooling in the summer and heating in the winter. Please contact us for more information about greenhouse climate batteries.

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